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DYNINNO develops information systems for its customers, solving problems that require original and unconventional approach.

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In connection with the expansion of the company DYNINNO, we are looking for professionals in software development. We are interested both in established professionals and beginners who are ready to learn.

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About our company

Thanks to the high technology distributed infrastructure we dynamically develop new directions and provide reliable support for existing projects. We use data-bases and web services clustering, cloud-based hosting, distributed file systems and efficient parallelisation using Gearman-services, modular architectural solutions and a centralised versions’ control system.

The success of our projects proves that we are worth our salt.

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We offer confidence in the future and work in a well-coordinated team. Our team comprises only the highest class professionals, according to a survey conducted among employees. If you like to use your expertise and ingenuity in practice, you are welcome at DYNINNO.

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