Our Company


A strict dress-code, minute-by-minute work time logging or excessive formalities in communication are out of favour in our company. Our standard ready time for the task is ‘when ready for the launch’.

One should not interpret the informal approach as disorderliness – the professional ethics stand high and all the staff comprehend the solidarity of purpose and interest, so the spare tyre is unnecessary. At the end of the day, our greatest interest is that our work is timely and adequately paid, which directly depends on the quality of our performance. Due to the quality, we have successfully maintained the timeliness and adequacy for many years, and the solutions we create run 24/7 without holidays or weekends.


Engineering guru in the company since  2013 

Working in Dyninno as a senior developer and analyst, I face a variety of difficult issues; the experienced team, 13 years’ experience in IT, a rational brain and a whip to ensure the whole office obtains the result needed, help me to deal with the challenges faced. I take all arising questions easily but not carelessly, because I know that our team, facilities, technologies (and my whip) are able to handle any problems emerging during the accomplishment of set tasks qualitatively.

— Stars are shining in the sky over our small country; the stars are sending us their greetings, giving us warmth and light!